ZARRIN KUPAL Puya with the registration number 330624, has started its activity in the field of road construction machinery since August 19, 2008.
The main goal of our company is the production and presentation of quality and after sales services, the supply of spare parts These machines are available in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.
in our company , After sales services, is based on respect for customer rights, customer service, improvement of service quality, and we will do our best to achieve below goals :
Increasing credit as a producer of domestic product in the target market after-sales service is our competitive advantage of the product Harmonizing with ISO standards in sales services Increasing Customer Satisfaction at the Quality Level of After-Sales Services considering these targets, Zarrin Kupal Puya has the following technical capabilities: Manufacturing with more than 47% local production Designing and manufacturing of bucket,
chassis and other accessories in different halls of assembly line equipped With separated painting halls in order to filter and absorb Contamination from the work environment Color cooking hall equipped with intelligent temperature control system Assembling of most pieces in several separate steps,
for products in special halls in separate lines QC final control office Quality control at all steps of design and manufacturing Test town performing all of the test procedures for steering and braking the O-way to test the displacement as well as performance test system Loading and impacting testing. Providing 12-month warranty service and guarantee the service and supply spare parts for all products.